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Indirectly regarding scripture allegory: the blind 'leading the blind (on!!)'... more here (restricted). They call themselves 'masters of the universe', yet all they are is pseudo-masters of ever greater absurdity, because they lack even the most basic understanding of 4-layer scripture allegory.



  • the earth is NOT!! a 'planet', but 1/2 of "Heaven & Earth", a fleeting realm.
  • Can one 'live' sideways on a ball that spins at a speed of seven times a category 5 DEADLY hurricane (1,613 FTPS)? 
  • The Earth and below is "wired" for infallible surround-sound, a complex feat, which requires a controlled, square environment- not possible on a 'spinning ball'!! (Neither is 'triangulation'...)
  • Paradise was established in the earth, and nowhere else: "In earth as it IS in heaven." ...which the meek (tamers of their minds) inherit, (Moon, Mars?)
  • People see the contrast between the FLAT horizon and the two ROUND objects every day/month and still insist the earth,...
  • with FLAT liquid surfaces (which only "bend" when falling) from the FLAT oceans, the great lakes over swimming pools, bathtubs and kitchen sinks to every smallest container with liquid, FLAT continents, great plains, FLAT or falling rivers, FLAT roads...
  • People stand, walk and drive all their lives on FLAT surfaces...
  • Past STRAIGHT tree lines, fences and electrical/telephone masts, along with SQUARE buildings- and yet they viciously insist in earth being a 'spinning ball', even though...
  • approaching space crafts show the continents very still lined up next to each-other, instead of 'swishing' past. 
  • As a toddler, every boy must have found out that his square lego blocks did not fit into round holes, and seen with his own eyes that a ball is the OPPOSITE of a block, i. e., not even a single chess board can be 'set' on a ball of ANY size, or any vehicle 'driven', let alone any building erected. But then came 'science' and 'convinced' him otherwise...
  • Ball-shaped objects DO NOT change their form into FLAT when increased in size as can be seen of Sun and Moon daily/monthly (in contrast to that, see the background of those phony Moon and Mars pictures that have 'horizons'). 
  • In addition, what does the consistency of all the moon phases prove? It proves that the moon is not a sphere, but a slice (nothing to 'stand' on for Neil Armstrong + Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin...); its frontal view must be FLAT like that of a lamp! 

BTW- Imagine you sit comfortably by a light switch and wait for 'millions of years' for the electrical light (which merely symbolizes God power and the real origin of light) to turn itself on in a self-selective development with superimposed 'randomness' unto 'chaos' and 'entropy' (which would actually lead to exponential 'chaos' and not systematic order, especially in decomposition, or symmetry) claimed by 'science' to be directly relative to 'time' 'duration' (in a fleeting universe). Will it?

Nope! Neither did the visible light (concerted photon waves/particles) in the universe that symbolizes invisible light, i. e., spiritual wisdom! 'Evolution??!'
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