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Tele: First (Rank, not ‘linear’ ‘time’);

Church- the one Jesus is building upon the rock of faith (Simon Peter): The assembly of the minds of the highest common denominator of correctly comprehended spiritual (bible) wisdom and its simultaneous application to a T.

Meanwhile This Summary:

Nothing anybody on earth currently does even matters. [“Forgive them, for they KNOW NOT what they do”: God is the ONE Puppet Master, all people are wooden, remotely operated marionettes on strings pulled by Him, who then, in their stupor, BLAME/SUE each-other for their ‘lives'(!) They are only given full unrestricted power, highest wisdom, lasting wealth and eternal love, I-F their frame of mind equals that of Jesus The Christ, who’s predominant message were (1) NO middle man between God and man; (2) I-AM-ness; (3) only the elect are to be saved by worthiness, which can only be achieved by opening of the book, from whose uncovering ALL MEN (man_I_festations of God), e. g., the nearly all male clergy, are barred– yet still preaching (teaching) their falsity! Revelation 5:3 etc pp.]

It’s just like toddlers playing in their rooms with hi-tech toys without affecting the status quo of their parents.

Anybody- no matter what color costume they wear or what they make themselves out to be- who is not BORN-AGAIN of THE (not ‘some’) spirit is not alive to God.


Physical birth is death to spirit. Hebrews 9:27- And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment [as to worthiness, the qualification for membership in Emmanuel Of Nazareth’s eternal royal court– Matthew 10:38, 22:8; Luke 20:35, 21:36; Revelation 3:4]: This is symbolized by the cutting of the umbilical cord, the expulsion of the placenta and the location of the genitals next to defecation.

Hence, “MUST BE” born again, and otherwise stay dead! Matthew 8:22, Luke 9:60.

God/The Scripture is about simplifying His “trademark” complexities (simplicity=optimum necessity), while all else, especially ‘science’ (RE-searching that which God has already “searched”, for the sole ‘purpose’ of replication, which is impossible, since every iota of existence is UNIQUE within FLEETING reality!), is complicating every single issue, consistently taking things apart that were created to be brought to a flight, after which not having even a guess of how to put them back together, thus consequently still crawling along cluelessly, i. e., not even walking- to this day.

A-L-L manner of life O-R death, including terrorism (what used to be called “neighborhood feuds”) is an agency of God– Deuteronomy 32:39; 1 Samuel 2:6 (‘Whodunnit‘?). When having been slated by God for death not due to ‘mechanical failure’, but due to carnal kindergarten manger ignorance (the inability to recognize absurdity and its vicious ‘defence’ instead), what are these things to accomplish but additional disobedience: ‘Protests’? Organ transplants? Cryonics? ‘Fitness’? Sleep? Self-‘Improvement’? Condoms? ‘Health’ Food (All food is dead to be eaten. Equating “dead” with ‘healthy’ is ABSURD)? ‘Education’? Yoga? Vitamin/Mineral Supplements (man was created from the DUST of the earth: vitamins)? ‘Measuring’, Dissecting, Parroting The IMMEASURABLE God? Sauna? Ice-Swimming? X Glasses Of Alcohol? Sex (with the symbolic dead dogs of the earth)? Bodyguards? Bunkers? Helmets? Vests? Seatbelts? Pacemakers? Antibacterial Ointments? Pulling Teeth? Breast Amputation For Cancer ‘Prevention’? Health ‘Insurance’? Pills, Potions, Tinctures, Technology; Moving To Balls Like Moon And Mars? …

What Began In The MIND Of The One Absolute God CANNOT BE ‘cured’ with any lesser means than congruence with said mind/His will as per His finished Plot– hence the existence of the bible of 4-layer spiritual wis_dom (White Field) allegory, which is as precise as Math.

The question to ask is NOT, ‘do you believe in God?’ BUT “WHO or WHAT is God?” Only with the answer to this question would all debating over His existence end.

Since this world of mere reflective symbolism is a corpse:

James 4:4- Ye adulterers and adulteresses [WHILE CLAIMING TO WANT TO ‘LIVE LONGER’ ARE FOCUSED MOSTLY ON DREAD, DOOM, FEAR, DOUBT AND WORRY—>’faith’ in FALSITY, SICKNESS, DEATH (within the living God!) What one focuses on increases!], know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend [BE INFLUENCED BY PUBLIC OPINION, ‘DOCTORS (BODY PLUMBERS)’, AI/TECHNOLOGY AND ALL THE ‘OTHER’ MISCELLANEOUS DEAD AND DYING false ‘gods’ like the almighty peanut allergy and only epinephrine injections as temporary ‘cure’ to which people easily BOW DOWN…] of the [DEAD] world is the enemy of God.

God made the body vulnerable so that mankind would know to use the MIND.

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Jesus never mentioned ‘science’ for several reasons

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Last Eve is the unblemished (of an undeceivable, spiritually logical oversight- logic being the measure of contextual consistency-  frame of mind, His remnant) sacrificial lamb, for only the unblemished can be sacrificed! She is the biblical virgin: of an error-free state of mind. (Let not even one error-laden, thus mind-dead, dog so much as think of the word ‘sacrifice’!!) 

Matthew 24:24- For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Mark 13:22- For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Proof For CREATION? (4 Major Points)

If not A-L-L flora- the designed perfect habitat- A-N-D fauna- the entire food chain- for each single animal (animated symbol for character traits and disposition) had been CREATED SIMULTANEOUSLY, none of them would exist.

If the universe, in all of its parts, were not SIMULTANEOUSLY CREATED in better than Swiss clockwork precisely concerted and absolutely timed functionality, it would have collapsed in its first nanosecond.

The human body requires hundreds of thousands of simultaneous processes to be considered animated while healthy, e. g., constant temperature and heartbeat. Yet any human can only think of ONE thing at a time. Obviously, a human does NOT animate self, but is being animated, or RELATIVE to the animating entity to which to relate. This entity is the LIVING spirit of ABSOLUTE ONENESS, without which/whom NOTHING could be considered ‘living’. In other words, a relative inferior without an absolute superior to which to relate is a mathematical impossibility.

Who ‘wired’ the entire earthly realm and below for perfect infallible surround-sound, a most complex dynamic that requires a CONTROLLED environment, i. e., FINITE space, here, now (and could also not happen, if the earth was a ‘spinning ball’!): Absolute Oneness- God, the A-L-L (NO ‘infinity’! ‘randomness’, ‘chaos’ or ‘entropy’!), no ‘error’- nothing ‘missing’?

Plus: Global [Earth is NOT! a ‘globe’ (not a ‘planet’ either!)]’ Warming The universe is …word-steered, and everybody says countless times a thing like, “s/he is H-O-T“, English being the end-time language… so every English speaker is to blame.

BTW- One might wonder why the New Testament does not mention the term “justice” even once. Is it possibly because A-L-L depends on God’s will (Matthew 7:21, 12:50, 26:42; Luke 22:42; John 5:30) and man-made ideas of ‘justice’ are most definitely flawed?