News! The world is in the state of hell.

+++ The 2nd Flood Of Noe (read those few lines!) Is Now Stepping Up To Full Force. +++

+++ Private Membership Site Finally Opening Wide And Deep The Book Of Seven Seals By Means Of The Unhackable (By The Non-Elect Inferior Carnal Kindergarten ‘minds’ Of The Manger– 99.9% of humans with or without money, position or pseudo-power) Correct Interpretation By The Woman Of Revelation 12, To Whom The Son Of Man Has Just Been Revealed, Of Highest 4-Layer Scripture Allegory Of The Room In The Inn– Currently NOT To Be Found Anywhere Else On Earth, Even With A Zillion Of ‘Super’ Computers- +++ Not Accessible By The Unthinking Worldly Populace Due To The Finality Of The Oblivion Of Their Insistence In Full Spectrum Gross Absurdity. +++

+++ The fears, dread, doubts and worry spread by the Ishmaelite (Genesis 16:11, 12) non-believers stems from (a) not knowing WHO/WHAT God is- mankind is to find, know and emulate Him- and (b) not reading, let alone correctly understanding, much less applying, the bible in its contextual, logical and living entirety (Holy Ghost; Full Big Picture) of spiritual sensation and poignant allegory.  +++

Since 1994, IB AKA TheFig has been around to let people know about this “true meaning of Jesus’ message”, trying to have them stop literally awaiting their death, ‘learning’ from the dead and dying, and finally having all their heretofore unanswered questions answered in-depth and detail. Just like nobody listened to Noah, the pseudo-Christians are by now acting as if Jesus, who was sacrificed so that the elect would not have to die, in His symbolic death of the testator for His followers/heirs, was never even here, paying no mind to following His LIVING example to a T, said 2nd flood- this time not only of water, but also with an onslaught of irrelevant, misconceived and outright false ‘information’- is now removing everybody that ignored having to be BORN-AGAIN, since physical birth is death to spirit.

Hence access to all that extremely relevant information on this website that took decades of IB AKA TheFig’s own preparation plus seventeen years of writing, is, at this point, superfluous.