+++The State Of The World***+++
  • Humanity Is To (1) Correctly Comprehend Scripture Allegory During The ca. Threescore And Ten Years Allotted For It; (2) Bring Said Script(ure) For God’s Plot To Life- Yet They Mainly Focus On ‘Making Self A Name’ (while only Jesus‘ name has God power), ‘The Economy’, ‘Pursuing Their Dream’, Having Children Of The Same Old, Same Old, Counting ‘Net-Worth’, Advancing ‘science’ (the building in vain of the tower of Babel by trying to ‘copy’ God)- Thus Enslaving Themselves To ‘Learning’ From The DEAD And DYING, Loveless Sex And Money;
  • Jesus‘ 4th-Layer Meaning, As Well As The Required Followership To A T Of His LIVING Example Openly Ignored By All Pseudo-Christians,  As If He Was Never Here;
  • To This Day, NOBODY In This World Is Able To Have A Single 2-Minute Conversation With Jesus The Christ About His 4th-Layer Bible Meaning, Let Alone Qualifying For Membership In His Eternal Royal Court, Except…
  • …The Mother Of All Living (only error-free, thus valid, applied full comprehension of the bible’s original intent), Woman Of Revelation 12- Last Eve + Lifelong Sacrificial Lamb Opening The Book (Revelation 5:3)- Who Was Recently Informed As To The Nature Of The Son Of Man.

Father + Fat_Her (Daughter, Who’s Bones Were Made Fat); Together: To_Get_Her {Purpose Of The World To Make Him A Help Meet [Have Heaven (TheoRy- GodCraft) And Earth (Practice) Mesh In Paradisaical Harmony On The Basis Of All Things Visible Merely Symbolizing Him In Order To (1) FIND Him Within; (2) KNOW Him; (3) EMULATE Him].}

+++Consequently, The 2nd Flood Of Noe Is Now In Full Force By Means Of This ‘viral epidemic’ Called Coronavirus (COVID-19) In Addition To Long-Ago Activated Temptation And Trying + Testing Purposefully Spread Misinformation From Above, After Many A Decade Of Utter Insanity Having Been Hurled, Spewed + Sounded Off Non-Stop Into God’s Hypersensitive Radio-Interactive Ether During Every One Of The 86,400 Seconds Of Every Day By The Completely Mentally/Spiritually Incompetent, Idiotic And Ignorant (ignorance=the inability to recognize bunk and its vicious defense instead of its correction) Populace, From Which- By The Long-Term Experience Of Said Woman Of Revelation 12, Who Has For Many Decades Perpetually Attempted To Have People Realize Said Allegorical Bible Wisdom- Is NO RETURN.

Hence, The Ishmaelites, The 10 Sons Of Haman, Who Break One Or More Of The 10+2 Commandments Daily, Mocking God, e. g., Accusing God, Who After All Is In Charge, Of ‘racism,‘!!? Must Be Hanged; The Tares Burned And The Scapegoats Must Decay From Their Mind-Rot- The Full-Blown Abomination Of Desolation In Place Of Being BORN-AGAIN OF THE (not ‘some’) SPIRIT [physical birth is DEATH to spirit, i. e., DEAD matter in God’s body! Humans Do Not ‘die’- they “remain (mind-)dead” Matthew 8:22; Luke 9:60], For Which They Had Nearly 2,000 Years (!!)- In The Wilderness Of Misunderstanding, Misrepresentation, Even Outright Audacious Falsity In Exchange For God’s Intended Allegorical Instructional Meanings. All Manner Of Sickness And Death Is An Agency Of God Alone. What Began In The MIND Of God (A-L-L Things) CANNOT Be ‘prevented’, ‘fought’, Or ‘cured’ With Physical Worldly Means.+++

+++How can ANYBODY claim to ‘believe/trust’ in the almighty, all-powerful, all-present and all-knowing God while not understanding that A-L-L things are from, of and by Him, thus ARE BEING HE, i. e., God- A (ONE) Spirit- IS BEING ALL THINGS??!+++

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