TheFig_1stfruit- Singularity Of The Correct Interpretation, As Well As The Highest Meaning Of Scripture: “Face it, the earth came with its own instruction manual, the oldest and only self-evident literary compendium of indisputable spiritual wisdom as precise as Math, and which, to this day, is either completely being dismissed, or misunderstood and thus widely misrepresented- leading to ignorance as the cause of death. Its creator/owner/operator is now sweeping the harbingers of said ignorance off His magnificent (movie-)set by any means applicable, spearheaded by an ingenious killer virus, whose elimination is impossible, and for whose existence essentially only God can be blamed. The Sole Valid Method of Supersedence? MUST BE BORN AGAIN! see PDFs below.”

BTW- The deeper spiritual roots (all facts are spiritual, all else is supposition) of all sickness and deaths? In a FLEETING universe where only the here and now- this very second, and the next, all of 86,400 seconds each day- affects status, ‘news’ (+ weather) reporting for instance,  i. e., journal keeping, of that which already happened and would now have to be superseded with rightness not to happen again renews focus mostly on the unwanted, the negative, keeps the unwanted alive for days, even weeks, when ‘negative’ cannot be proved. That upon which is focused, increases! This results in avalanches of absurdity, which are, according to the laws of spiritual (bible) wisdom, geared to self~, cross~ and mass-eliminate, because only the DESIRED (de=from; sire=Father), the “WHAT”, actually counts!!

In addition, since ALL MANNER OF SICKNESS + DEATH IS AN AGENCY OF GOD ALONE!! It follows that any concern, worry, judgment, even any mention at all is completely MOOT– and definitely NOT!! ‘news’…

Estimated death toll correction: The publicized number of ca. 374,233 deaths at 9:44 GMT on June 1 2020 by must in reality be at least 150% of this number, or 561,350, even though many health officials deem this figure to be twice (748,466), or even thrice (1,122,699) as high.

Examples For All-Encompassing Irrationality:

0- Lately, people claim they ‘have created’ xyz (a few decades ago, nobody dared to use that verb, but only “made; set up; generated; put together; produced; organized…”, which then became co-created), absurdly including those that don’t even believe in The Creator!!? However, ALL things already exist for The Creator to BE ABSOLUTE. This means that people (who are all merely GENERATED themselves) cannot ‘create’ anything. For any idea to be conceived, it must already exist. Even egg and sperm merely SYMBOLIZE creation. It also means that every time somebody states, ‘I created…,’ they are lying.

1- People babble on about their ‘freedom‘, yet in order to be free, one must know the truth (true meaning of 4-layer scripture allegory + apply it accordingly), which is completely absent to this day! So, the godless and the pseudo-Christians just conveniently leave the main part out and wonder why their entire ‘lives (kennel stays)’ resemble slavery so closely…

2- People also speak increasingly of ‘sacrifices‘, when only the “unblemished” can be sacrificed, while all their ‘minds’ (the ONLY thing that counts in God circles- never the body) are error-laden to the hilt! Only with God’s mindset (hence the existence of the bible) can man be without error, i. e., emulate Him. Without it, man will always ultimately be incompetent. How so? God IS BEING THE FULL PICTURE, while man remains a partial idiot.

3- 5 minutes ago, people were fretting about facial recognition. Now they are outraged about face masks that prevent it?

4- It is known that COVID-19 enters through the eyes; yet ‘research’ supposedly ‘shows’ that face masks over nose and mouth ‘reduce’ the virus’ airborne contagion?

5- At the very top of mind sickness, we find ‘mother of God (God is not ‘a higher’ but the HIGHEST + O-N-L-Y power)’?; ‘God (who IS BEING EVERYTHING) is dead’?; ‘speed of light (which is either ON or OFF- simultaneously!?)’

>In case of any questions on how sick, twisted and rotten almost all those irresponsible ‘church-going’ lying crooks, thieves, pretenders, con artists, gang members and perpetual inmates are, who believe that no rules apply to them, and why there IS NO ‘return’ from the public displays of the horribly profane and wicked Sodomite state of this godless world, one must just watch some nasty British TV series like 15 Days, the first 10 minutes of the recently debuted US series Hightown, or read about the increasingly vile, vicious and depraved inclinations expressed by the totally perverted in  this article on “spite porn”.

>>They say, the world is on fire:


(10) Jesus said, “I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes.” [Only he, who has overcome (superseded) the world, can remain living within God.]

(16) Jesus said, “Men think, perhaps, that it is peace which I have come to cast upon the world. They do not know that it is dissension which I have come to cast upon the earth: fire, sword, and war. For there will be five in a house: three will be against two, and two against three, the father against the son, and the son against the father. And they will stand solitary.” [Only if relying on one’s I-AMness can any one stand.]

(82) Jesus said, “He who is near me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom.”

>>>‘science’s Biggest Boo Boo?

The world is to be saved THROUGH NOT!! ‘BYJesus– but definitely NOT!! ‘without Him! And absolutely not ‘through Mohamed, Tao, Buddha, or any other poser’. Why? Jesus (Je suis; I am) is the symbol for UNIQUENESS (every iota of the absolute one is “ONE of a kind”- no ‘we, us, our, you, they’)- and INDIVIDUALISM [the indivisible dualism of heaven & earth, or theory- (Godcraft) & praxis].

Matthew 16:25- For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

Mark 8:35- For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

Luke 9:24- For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.

Luke 17:33- Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.



Reestablish paradisaical conditions with now self-aware godlike Last Adam + Last Eve.




Now. (There is only the HERE + NOW in this FLEETING simultaneous virtual holographic universe. How then can one ‘run out of’ non-existent ‘linear’ ‘time’??!)


No Matter: Finished.


2nd flood of Noe.


God. [God’s work is to be done WITHIN oneself. How so? Every individual is UNIQUE (ONE of a kind). (a) A cherry tree cannot ‘help’ a pine tree to bear its fruit; (b) One’s individual worldly experience only changes upon changing one’s own mind.]

Finally, if there was such a thing as a literal, a physical place to ‘go to‘ called heaven, does anybody really think that Emmanuel Of Nazareth would accept just ANY idiot to remain alive in His immediate vicinity, His royal presence?

(I) It all began and still lives, i. e., is being animated, in the mind of God hence “heaven” is a STATE OF MIND.

(II) God is invisible, therefore all things visible are merely SYMBOLIC of Him (props, signs, symbols and parts of larger symbolism) so hewn man can find, know and emulate His image and likeness.

(III) The earthly realm with as many worlds as its number of inhabitants is not an ‘arrangement of fixed hard body things to own and do business with’, but a training/teaching boot camp that consists of a fleeting reality responding to every individual’s state of mind.

(IV) Why else but to lead the clean-up process- the 2nd flood of Noe- would God employ the queen of the south with her dual status of sacrificial lamb, qualifying her to condemn, and being written in God’s theory of heaven as per Revelation 12, who has searched far and wide for ANY equal, and, even though she treated everybody as her equal, not been able to find a single one that even approached, let alone came close to, her error-free condition of righteousness.

John 3:13- And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven [the perfect state of mind that is to penetrate the minds of the elect and is given by the female Holy Ghost], even the Son of man which is in heaven [the unchanging state of paradisiacal righteousness of zero error and nothing missing].